About this Project

This project explores the philosophical and historical backgrounds to the “World of Sherlock Holmes” as it emerges from the narratives by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930). Holmes’ ageless  glamour and influence are thus shown to be rooted in evidenced situations and outlooks from his time of origin, itself a decisive epoch in British history.

The project is based on a course paper (“Facharbeit”), which played an important role in my graduation process (resulting in the “Abitur”) in Bavaria 2004. As I had asked, my topic was decided to be “Sherlock Holmes – Cult Hero”. This core of texts is to be enhanced by some of the various aspects deserving critical attention in the course of time. Besides, you’re invited to share your own thoughts in the forum.

If you want to use extracts from the material displayed here, kindly respect my position as its author and quote in an adequate manner. Regulations aside, I’m looking forward to constructive dialogs on the topic.

Please note that this paper was originally written in English as a foreign, but cherished,  language. The German version presented here was composed exclusively for this online project and is not always in strict accordance with it.  By adding a version in my mother tongue, I hope to address a wider range of people and to contribute to the still too rare detailed material on the subject in German.

The project is rests on careful research committed in an academic context. It is by no means intended to forestall the reader’s independent interpretation of the narratives nor to spoil his personal impressions. Rather, I’d like to encourage a deeper, more alert  reading of the text.

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