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Paul-Christoph Trüper, * 1983, Master of Arts (Cultural Studies · Philosophy)

In August 1983 I was born some crucial days too early and have since spent my days in the company  of various wheelchairs, arranging myself with the impacts of a severe motor disability. After primary school at Fritz-Felsenstein-Schule (Ger.), an institution for adolescents with disabilities, I took the opportunity to receive my secondary education at Rudolf-Diesel-Gymnasium  Augsburg (Ger.) In 2004, I eventually succeeded in taking  the “Abitur”, the diploma qualifying for university entrance.

Upon graduation, I decided to take my own interests as a guide and became engaged in Cultural Studies: I commenced by “Europäische Kulturgeschichte” (European Cultural History) at Augsburg University, before the focus of the curriculum suggested a change to “European Studies”at the University of Passau (both in Bavaria). In Autumn 2008, I eventually took my Bachelor of Arts, preparing to become engaged in a prolific cultural dialogue.

So far, the focus of my (academic) inquiries has been on: Ethics/ Social and Political Philosophy, Early Modernism (Modernisation), Societies & Literature, and the Culture of the Body.

In 2009/'10 I used to be employed with a semi-public competence centre in Berlin, engaged in the global dissemination of concepts for sustainable energy supply / Renewables. After this initial work experience in a political context, I decided to deepen my theoretical competences and insights, and re-entered a philosophical course of studies: first at the University of Regensburg, and later on at the very renowned University of Münster. This inspiring period of learning invited me to reflect on a wide range of experiences – my own and especially those of foreign others – in a variety of ways and in terms of multiple approaches.

My education at Münster gave me the opportunity to pursue interests in Practical Philosophy / Ethics, and to experience philosophy with due regard to its full range of – sometimes highly controversial – positions. The open climate at the Seminar, with its multifarious discourses and its special respect for the intellectual curiosity of young scholars convinced me of philosophy's potential with regard to social debates: it is to shape my approach to my own work in the years to come, too.  In Fall 2014, I very successfully completed my Master of Arts degree in Philosophy at Münster.

After completing my own studies, I have been professionally active in the field of disability issues and university policies: First, in 2015-2016, I fostered activities for an increased participation (Inclusion) of people with disabilities at the University of Kassel, where I coordinated the Services for Disabled Students (Ger.). I continued this line of work in April 2017, when I became a member of the Equal Opportunities Office at the Goethe University Frankfurt to develop measures increasing social inclusion and participation in academic life for disabled people.

Meanwhile, I have continually pursued my own philosophical projects and scholarly interests: I am engaging in spare-time research whenever this is possible and try to make best use of the remaining time and energy that demands to be used for “huge questions. Recently, I have become especially interested in debates surrounding the Philosophy of Childhood, biographical development, and personal growth.
To supplement my heavily text-based work, I've begun to venture into digital arts, playing with the versatility of photographs and the inner images they give us.

Nevertheless, I insist on and enjoy my peace and quiet“. On a fine day, you are likely to meet me in a park or a museum. I also travel quite a great deal around Germany and long for the Mediterranean sun.

If you should wish to contact me for questions or discussion, please use the e-mail address indicated on TextTräger, as the site includes no special forum and I don't like social media too much.

Languages: German, English · French, Spanish (basics)· Latin
      Formal Logics (basics), Programming (basics): object-oriented and imperative

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