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Text Träger <Ger.>: bearer, carrier, suspender

History finds form and expression in naratives, written in terms of projects for today and tomorrow.
This website is the showcase for the private cultural projects and inquieries by Paul-Christoph Trüper (B.A.).

Read, think and move on. TextTräger's main language is German. However, a number of projects, especially those scholarly papers relating to the world of English-speaking cultures, are available in English as well. Find out more.

Web Project on Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle (I)

Sherlock Holmes – Background to a Phenomenon

Interpetrations and Ideas in English and German

Web Project on Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle (II)

Discoveries in 'The Lost World' (1912)

A Quest for Cultural and Historical Traces (bilingual)

Book note: Bachelor Thesis published by VDM Verlag

Dorian Gray: ‘Physical Flaws – Visible Vices?’

Inquiries into Physicality and Personality in Oscar Wilde’s Novel

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