Formenspiel.Art: Natur'In'Form. Digital Art from Natural Motifs.

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Natural motifs in novel interpretations. Scenes. Linescapes. Playful wealth of Colours.

The images in the NATUR'IN'FORM series present digital art from natural motifs and materials. Selected segments of reality have been photographically clipped and searched, with the aid of computerised algorithms, to detect hidden contexts, connections and component images. These have subsequently been explicitly extracted to disclose them and open them up to a creative process, in which I shaped them to convey my own impression, my sense of the scene. I thus invested them with a novel imaginary meaning.

Accordingly, the resulting compositions float between three different factors: first, the organically grown individual moment, created by several forces of nature, which  eventually got captured and fixed photographically; second, the computer's estranging, calculated conception of the scene, with its semblance of neutrality; and third, my personal sense and understanding of the scene in question which integrates these factors to let an expressive picture emerge.
Most of the core images these compositions are based on were taken by myself, usually rather spontaneously and without much technical sophistication.

Photographs I happened to find on the Internet also have a minor role to play.
The images in this series are of a very diverse character:linear landscapes, details of fruits, new takes on a city's enduring metropolitan green, seascapes, and  almost painterly, imaginary dream-scapes.

All images in the NATUR'IN'FORM series are connected by these elements, digitally enhanced: the joy in creative play; the question of how, and in how far, we perceive the World, and the issue of the little surprising moments we pass by on our way through the normal course of affairs. In the background there is  the issue of the authority governing signs and symbols; but, primarily, and most of all, here is: the joy of looking, the joy of colours and forms.

Really, it was … by nature …  Different.